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Court sentences tiger killer to 46 months in jail

Senin, 11 Januari 2010 22:37 WIB | 1.798 Views
Jambi (ANTARA News) - The district court in Jambi sentenced Samsudin alias Udin Bolu to 46 months in jail on Monday for killing a tiger in the zoo.

Presiding judge Marbun read the verdict which was two months shorter than the prosecutor`s demand.

Samsudin was also fined Rp1 million or had to stay two months if he failed to pay it.
The council of judges ruled that the defendant had been proven legitimately jointly committing a crime of keeping, transporting and trading rare and protected dead animals against Law Number 5 of 1990 on Biological Natural Resources Conservation and its Ecosystem.

The prosecutors considered as incriminating was that the defendant`s act ran against
the government`s program of biological resource preservation and had caused a loss on the state particularly the people of Jambi while the defendant had also committed the crime seven times.

The defendant who was not accompanied by a lawyer accepted the verdict and would not appeal.

Prosecutor Erma Herawati meanwhile said she would still consider whether she would accept or appeal the ruling.(*)