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Bad weather hampers sunk ferry victims rescue efforts

Senin, 23 November 2009 16:30 WIB | 727 Views
Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - Heavy rain, strong winds and high waves hampered efforts to search for and evacuate survivors and dead victims of the "Dumai Express 10" ferry boat which sank off Tokong Hiu, Karimun district, Riau Islands province on Sunday (Nov 22).

"All members of the Dumai Express 8 crew who joined the search and rescue efforts had to stop their activity due to the bad weather. Our search and rescue boat is now anchored at sea," Saf (40), one of the Dumai Express 8 crew members, said here on Monday.

The Dumai Express 8 crew members have been taking part in the evacuation efforts jointly with the search and rescue (SAR) team, comprising among others marine police unit, Navy personnel, and Transportation office personnel.

"The dead victims and several survivors were still in the Tanjung Balai Karimun hospital. They were to be shifted by the `Dumai Express 5` from the hospital, but bad weather had hampered the effort," Saf said.

The ill-fated ferry was sailing on the Batam-Bengkalis-Dumai route when it sank in the Karimun waters.

Chief of the Operation Section of the Tanjungpinang Search and Rescue Team, Budi Cahyadi said here on Sunday evening that up to 8.30 pm local time, 30 people were found dead in the sea accident, while only 25 fatalities were reported at 20.10 pm.

The total number of people on board the ill-fated ferry might be at least 279, he said.
Of the 30 dead people, five could not yet be identified. Following are the names of most of the dead victims as announced by the Karimun Public Hospital:

1. Nurliya (30), resident of Kampung Baru, Batu Aji, Sagulung Batam
2. Amir Sirait (32), resident of Medan, North Sumatra.
3. Sri Ramadani Harahap (1.2 year old ), resident of Batam
4. Herlina Marken Silaban (44), resident of Batam
5. Afrizal Rahmadi (28), resident of Dumai
6. Ernawati (19), the address is not known.
7. Rio Agustama (9), resident of Batam
8. Juriati (55), resident of Padang Panjang, West Sumatra.
9. Ponian (56), (wife of Widodo), resident of Bengkalis, Riau
10.Yarlis (33), resident of Padang
11.Marwin (43), resident of Padang
12.Jihan (2.5), resident of Batam
13.Rika Putra S (26), resident of Seraya Atas, Batam
14.Darmansyah (30), resident of Batam
15.Bambang (24), resident of Tiban III, Batam
16. Laras (4,5), resident of Sagulung, Batam
17. Ny. Ramon (30), resident of Griya Pratama, Batam
18.Wulan (2), resident of Griya Pratama, Batam
19.Zahron Dongoran (30), resident of Sagulung, Batam
20. Amrion (40), resident of Sagulung, Batam
21.M Amri (28), residnet of Bengkalis
22.Erna (49), resident of Batam.