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Bali police circulate Noordin Top`s latest photos

Rabu, 29 Juli 2009 19:18 WIB | 852 Views
Denasar (ANTARA News) - Bali police on Wednesday circulated again the latest photos of fugitive terror mastermind Noordin Muhammad Top after spreading hundreds of others over the weekend.

The Bali Police`s public relations chief, Senior Commissioner Gde Sugianyar Dwi Putra, said here on Wednesday the circulation of leaflets with Noordin M Top`s picture on them was part of an effort to anticipate the threat of terrorism in the island resort.

"We do this so that the people in Bali may develop an understanding of the threat, and a responsibility to help the police in the war on terrorism in Indonesia, in Bali in particular," Sugianyar said.

He said the leaflets with Noordin M Top`s photos on them were distributed at public places such as schools, market places and bus terminals to familiarize the public with his face.

Sugianyar expressed hope that through the leaflets, the people would give information to the police if they saw someone whose face matched Noordin M Top`s picture.

Earleir, the head of the Anti-Terror Desk at the office of coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, Ansyaad Mbai, said fugitive Noordin M Top was connected to the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels bombings in the Mega Kuningan area in Jakarta on Friday, July 17, 2009.

"Before, the suicide bombers attacked from outside the hotel. This time they were able to slip through the hotel`s security system and get close to their target," he added.

Suicide bombers posing as guests attacked the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotels in the Mega Kuningan area, South Jakarta, on Friday killing nine people and injuring more than 50 others.

Ansyaad added that although there had been a lull in terror attacks in the past four years, Noordin M. Top and his network of Jemaah Islamiyah bombers were still active and consolidating their strength.

"This incident proves that they are still strong, and now, catching the main actor, Noordin M. Top, must be our main priority. As long as the actor is still at large, our terror fighting efforts will be futile," he said. (*)